Publisher Notes​​


“Timeless” is defined as: Having no end; interminable; unending.

We have all been blessed to encounter timeless people, places, moments, music and objects in our lives.

Some claim to experience none or less than others and feel as though they were skipped purposely by some mysterious and nonexistent evil force. 

Others unconsciously boast of an overwhelming and overflowing amount of timeless memories. They usually speak of extravagant places, parties and over-the-top vacations to exotic islands in foreign lands with top celebrities. Meanwhile knowing that the other 99 percent of the universe could not even begin to fathom those possibilities. 

I am not here to say one is wrong or better than the other.

Who am I to judge?

It’s not my job. I leave that to God. In fact, if I ever stray from this, I'd recite the Bible verse which was drilled into me as a child by my elders, "Judge not, and you will not be judge; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven; "You will be judged as you judge" Luke 6:37

I am writing this to remind all of our readers to cherish those timeless people, moments and anything that you may define as timeless in your own environment. there are no rules.

Timeless figures are different for different people. For example, when I think about a timeless sports figure in my life, Michael Jordan is always the prevailing one which comes to mind. Out of curiosity, I asked a younger nephew of mine to pinpoint a sports figure. He immediately said Kobe Bryant and felt Jordan never reached Bryant's level by his retirement date. As shocked as I was, I must admit the defense in his claims literally struck a timeless conversation that I will never forget. 

Timeless encounters imprint a memory and feeling of grattide which could never truly be defined or put in a uniform box. They have a huge impact on our lives and can transform people for the good or bad depending on the interpretation. 

I hold on tight to the timeless people and times that I have been blessed with who build and continue to build my character.

They encourage me to work harder so I can feel that natural high I get when I experience these timeless people and moments.

Timeless people come in different shapes and forms. One does not have to make millions of dollars to be timeless to others. In fact, the majority of the timeless people who I have encountered, were poverty stricken and near death. However, they still have found happiness in the small things in life that so many people appear to miss. 

Timeless people seem to remind us to reach for the stars, love hard and to give to others. They show us the ecstacy of helping and lifting others.

They remind us to do what makes you happy and how close your dreams are to becoming reality if you work hard.

I try to  preserve and rely on the guidance of God and timeless moments and people from the past and present.

Timeless moments have reminded me to laugh, live lightly and to protect and shower my family with love and joy. I try to provide every opportunity that I can fit in the budget. I look at my own children in pure astonishment and graciousness for the opportunity that God has given me. God has allowed me to provide a life for my children that I was never privileged to see as a child.

​I can't begin to describe the enjoyment I get from being in a place where I can shelter my daughters from the streets. They do not have to hustle to eat. They can just enjoy being a child without the burden of adult responsibilities. That is what it is all about as a parent. Giving your child the life you never had. 

I have personally worked hard to acknowledge, transform and grow as a father and husband from the timeless moments, expressions and people within my family unit of relatives and close friends who have grown to be brothers and cousins due to their timeless loyalty. I appreciate them and could never grown to be the man I am today without them. 

Personal and financial success has always been based on our own individual interpretation. Happiness is based on our individual interpretation and definition of life. We have all and will always experience different emotions and attachments from identical or similar moments in life. However, the key is to hope for the best and follow-up with faith that it will happen. 

You must believe and actually see the level of success and happiness that you seek until it become your reality. If you don't believe it will happen… then it won't. 

​Believe in yourself and grow from timeless moments which we have all been blessed to see.

July 2015

Darnell Thomas



Publisher Notes

Thinking outside the box

I am thankful and grateful that God has blessed me with the opportunity of publishing the second edition of WMSTMO. I am still in awe about the full page write up from Peter Hartlaub at the San Francisco Chronicle, being  interviewed on air by J J Parson (general manager) at 89.5 fm KPOO, receiving an award as the entrepreneur of the year from Brickhouse Talk, meeting Wendy Williams and of course, Brely Evans gracing the cover of this quarter's issue.

It's crystal clear that God has been good to me! WMSTMO received rave reviews from family, friends and fans who have whole heartily embraced my publication because of the quality of its content, rather than supporting me out of love. I've dealt with my share of adversities and obstacles that come with any attempted endeavor. However, through patience, faith & fortitude, it has made it so much easier to endure.

When I watch television, it's normally the news, sports, comedy or a movie. I've noticed all of the aftermath of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta posted on Facebook immediately after airing. I'm not knocking the show because as I stated before, I only watch the above shows. However, the huge response from Facebook ignited my interest to see who was actually sponsoring the show. I saw that McDonald's, Maybelline, Chevy, Skechers, Nair & Dove were just a few of the many sponsors. I scratched my head because I've sent them my magazine to see if they'd be interested in purchasing ad space and have yet to receive a response to this date. What I took from that is I can't chase cooperate America. I have to make cooperate America chase me.

With that being said, don't go into a project dreaming about over-night success. Expect to be denied, criticized, ridiculed and doubted. Rock Johnson said, "Everyone wants to be on top but no one wants to climb to get there!" Well guess what? I've got my boots on & a backpack!!!

I was inspired, encouraged & uplifted by President Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention. He is living proof that we can be whatever we want to be. Although we live in a world that is not as traditional & conventional as it use to be. We must learn to use that as a plus rather than a minus.

I foresee a woman being our Commander in Chief in years to come, As well as our country rebounding & rebuilding to be the nation we once were. I foresee world peace.

In closing, my publication is a true reflection of myself. It has class, style, and well written articles with an urban feel. I can honestly say that I can soar with the eagles & eat with the vultures.

“I am who I am & I’m go be who I be” ~ Chris Tucker

November 2012

Darnell Thomas


Stepping Out On Faith

Greetings, I hope everyone is doing well. Today I would like for us to ask ourselves, "Are we close to a recession?" Many people say that we are coming out of a recession. However, if we look at our current situation in terms of rising food and gas prices, companies closing, home values dropping and foreclosures soaring, it's quite apparent that we are a long way off from relief. How do we empower ourselves to become optimistic and become proactive in creating the future we desire? My thoughts are: we work harder, put in extra hours, pick up a second job and turn our hobbies into a possible career. Inspire yourself to be creative and to dream big! Have hope that "This too shall pass." In addition to having hope and believing in yourself, keep in mind that you must be an important part of creating your future.

In the past, I had the opportunity to interview several millionaires, and they all have three key things in common: strong family ties, a passion for giving by donating to charities, and their strong work ethic. The paper chase never ends. A lot of people yearn for overnight success; however, this way of thinking is fools gold. We must work our way up the corporate ladder or pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor. Tom Peters is a businessman, author and speaker. I agree with his statement, "blame no one, expect nothing and do something." Let me break it down for you. Blame no one for anything, because most people need an excuse for their actions or failures. Be accountable for what you have done, learn from it, and then move on. Expect nothing from anyone. There are many people who don't want you to succeed. The good news is, God bless the child to have his own. Last but not least, do something. If you don't, you are as worthless as a penny with a hole in it. Complacency kills!

I hope my publication inspires you to do something positive, constructive, and to believe in yourself. Phil Oates said: "We are all not meant to be rich financially, but we all can be rich spiritually." Thus, let's continue to count our blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Let's give thanks for our health, happiness and adhere to keeping our families close. Let's appreciate the joy and smile our kids put on our face and remember how important it is to live for them. In closing, things may get worse before they get better, but remember; "Do well today on account of tomorrow!" 

June 2012

Darnell Thomas


My Vision

Magazines shape and mold every aspect of our day to day living. You can go to any local magazine stand and pick up topics which include home and garden, fashion, music, computers, teen topics, gossip, home décor, cars, knitting, animal care, and hairstyles. Every day people ­flip through the millions of pages to find out what’s new, what’s the same, and sometimes just to be plain old nosy about whatever topic sparks their interest. They look and look and read and read, and of course something in the magazine will stick with them. It may be a new hairstyle they want to try, a new shade of purple eye shadow they want to wear to the party Saturday night, or a new car they go and purchase on a whim. Whatever it may be, people love magazines and invite magazines into their lives as private consultants.

Magazines consult people on what car to drive, what watch to buy, how to care for their new animal, and what new CD is a bust or a hit. Readers trust magazines, they trust magazines’ words, they trust the pictures and they trust the advertisements. What Millionaires Spend Their Money On is built on the great reputation published magazines have with their readers. It is time for a magazine extreme makeover, however, and What Millionaires Spend Their Money On is here to reveal the completed makeover.

We are still all that magazines have to offer, but with just a little face-lift, tummy tuck, and nose job, we will take the readers’ magazine experience to heights unseen. You can only ‑fit so many pictures on a page and only print so many words. Now you can watch the full interviews and homes of our spotlight and cover story articles on the DVD included in every issue. Readers deserve more. Yes, you love flipping the pages while you lounge or catch a ­ flight. Now enhance your magazine experience with the DVD.

I want you to be ful‑filled and motivated in every way by this magazine. It is my pleasure as the publisher to invite you to enjoy the experience of What Millionaires Spend Their Money On. Only here can you watch on DVD the articles of the stars you love as they talk and walk around a private tour of their homes and of‑fices. Not only will you read about millionaires, you will see and hear directly from them ‑first hand on what got them there and, more importantly, what is keeping them at the top of their‑ field. Enjoy!

Darnell Thomas

Mission Statement

 WMSTMO offers the reader an exclusive glance into the world of successful entrepreneurs, recording artist, athletes, and medical professionals. Overall, our goal is to inspire and empower our readers by: sharing real-life success stories of people who have “stepped out on faith”, created an action plan, and ultimately made a commitment to themselves to do the work. Our mission is to motivate individuals to create their own reality. Lastly, we believe that success in every area of life is attainable!